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Who We Are?

VNJ Innovations is a Virtual Networking Junction that enables stakeholders in the healthcare sector connect with each other seamlessly. The company has reinvented the segment through its various products under a young and dynamic leadership team.

VNJ Innovations now offers world class services and is on track to become one of the largest could-based IT service provider in the Healthcare domain.



Our Products

Our company is operating in IT sector. Within IT, we are focusing on the healthcare sector. We are trying to link the doctors, patients, laboratories and pharmacists via technology. We have a product for each of them; Alpha Clinic, Alpha Hospital , EasyMedi, Team360 and Easymedi Health Card.

We focus on using the latest technological advancements like cloud based technology to provide best services to our users which is cost effective and with minimum human error. We keep up with the trends in technology and have teams continuously researching possibilities in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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